A grassy green gives you a strong splash of color right when you walk in the house.  It says to you immediately that a very vibrant family lives here.  The children's reading room is a niche carved out of a hallway.  It's a private, magical little space at the heart of the house, where your imagination can run wild. The children's library doubles as a guest room for sleepovers.  The shelves are designed to display book covers for an ever changing art gallery.  The homeowners wanted a cozy place to read in every room.

- House Beautiful Magazine


In its form and function, we designed this new home with active family living in mind. Its L-shape plan shields a children’s play area, sports court, and a putting green in the backyard. We created a freestanding bike barn to store the kids’ cycles; it has the added benefit of preserving order in the garage. Inside the house, shared living spaces and the children’s rooms (including a basketball court-themed playroom) are touched with bright, stimulating colors, while the parents’ private quarters are finished in a palette of restful, neutral hues. The materials used on exterior of the building—cedar shingles and stone on the walls, slate sheathing the roof—were selected as a way of recalling family vacations in New England.


Dillon Kyle Architecture

Interior Designer

Ann Wolf

Project Manager

Kurt Lobpries


Casey Dunn

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