Why Choose BWI?

10. Four Decades of Excellence.

Builders West, Inc. is preparing to celebrate its 40th Anniversary of renovating and building the finest, crafted homes in Houston.  Owner Kurt Lobpries is a 4th generation Houstonian and was framing houses half a century ago before founding Builders West, Inc. in 1982.  BWI project managers and field supervisors have an average of over 30 years of experience in the high end residential construction industry.

9. A Master's Degree in Residential Construction Forensics.

In addition to building houses, we renovate and add on to them as well.  In fact, most of our projects over the years are renovations, many for repeat clients.  When we take apart a house and are able to see inside walls that haven't been exposed in decades, we see what construction details were successful and which ones were not.  Our extensive experience renovating homes has made us better builders and better problem solvers.  Many new home builders do not have any experience remodeling homes.  Without extensive experiences dissecting existing homes, they might not be the right pick for building or remodeling a complex custom home intended to last for generations.

8. Builders West, Inc. has 20 of its renovation and new home projects featured in the Houston AIA Guide.

Builders West is the top contractor trusted by Houston's most respected Architects, Interior Designers, and Homeowners to carry out new home construction, historical preservation, and perfectly blended renovations to some of Houston's most significant new and historical structures.  Look at the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Guide filter on the "Where We Build" page to locate them on the map.

7. BWI Leadership has Foundations as Designers.

Multiple BWI team members have four-year design degrees and experience working in architectural offices before joining Builders West, Inc.  We appreciate the Architect's, Owner's, and Interior Designer's visions, and we do our best to honor the spirit of the project. We will also suggest solutions or enhancements to construction details that will work in concert with the overall design intent while contributing to the value and longevity of the home.

6. Our Craftsman are Artists.

The professionals that will be working on your home are passionate craftsmen that have devoted their life to mastering their work and taking pride in it.  Our estimates are often 10 to 15% higher than some of our competitors, but the quality of our work is among the industry's finest.  We often hear from clients who did not choose Builders West, Inc. that they regret selecting a lower bid.

5. Award Winning.

Browse our online portfolio or use the filter on the "Where We Build" page to locate some of our projects that have received accolades from various organizations including the Good Brick Awards, LUX Gold List, local home tours, and more.

4. Our Fee is Transparent and Fair.

We have no hidden material markups, no pocketed bulk discounts, no change order fees, no intentional lowball bids, or unrealistic timelines.  We bill only for work that is completed, and our clients receive a copy of every invoice in each draw request.  We take pride in completing the project on time and on budget and in not luring customers with fake promises.

3. Become Part of the BWI Family

Some of our clients have been with us for almost 40 years.  We are happy to call them friends and members of the Builders West extended family.  We look forward to standing behind our work by providing maintenance, answering homeowner questions, and supporting our client's future projects big and small.

2. Pay Now, or Pay Later.

There are countless ways to cut costs in construction.  Even just one improper detail can result in big problems and costly repairs.  The customer then pays in time and money to tear out the incorrectly done work, fix the damage, and finally pays to have it rebuilt correctly.  Save in the long run, and contract for quality the first time with Builders West, Inc.  Ask us about other contractors' work that we have repaired over the years.


When the project is complete, your home will possess the highest volume of quality work per dollar spent with Builders West, Inc.  We don’t promise to be the cheapest option.  We do promise to be the best value.  Your home will last for generations with a level of quality that your family, your guests, and neighbors will see at the first glance.


Selecting a top-notch general contractor is just as important as picking an excellent architect.  The best drawn plans or award-winning designs need a meticulous and experienced general contractor to manage the project and make your beautiful, well-built home a reality.

Do you have any references?  

Any contractor worth hiring will have a long list of glowing references ready to go.  Check out our References page or ask us for a list of happy customers from around Houston.  When contacting a reference, ask if the project was finished within the timeline and within the budget that the builder stated.  Ask if any discrepancies were handled in a fair, professional, and reasonable manner.

How long have you been in business?  Have you ever operated under a different name?

Builders West is approaching 40 years in business.  That means almost 4 decades of building relationships, partnerships, and a rock-solid reputation here in the greater Houston area.  Lesser companies have changed their name to avoid lawsuits or to escape a less than stellar reputation.

Ask about the company's project history and their business model.

Have you done projects similar to ours?  What size projects do you do?  All residential?  Who will estimate my job?  Who will supervise the jobsite and how often will he/she be on the job?  How many employees do you have?  Can I visit your office?  Builders West welcomes any of these questions or others.  We are proud of the organization that we have become and love to talk about it.

Will I have access to copies of all material invoices and bills from subcontractors?

You have a right to see how your money is being spent.  Builders West clients receive a copy of every invoice and bill when a draw request is submitted for payment.  Contact information for any subcontractor, vendor, or partner is available upon request.  Feel free to use any of them as additional references.  We are known around the city for paying our subcontractors on time.

Do you require a deposit to break ground?

A reliable contractor will have enough cash reserves to start a project without asking for advance payment. Asking for money up front is a red flag. Paying for work not yet completed puts a homeowner at risk of being exploited.  Builders West will submit a draw request approximately once a month and only for work completed.

Are you insured?

Builders West is fully insured by Worker's Compensation and General Liability insurance.  We can incorporate Builder's Risk insurance into the contracts as needed if the homeowner's insurance does not cover the scope of the project.  

Have you ever been sued?

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.  We have never had a lawsuit initiated against us.  Builders West once took legal action against a client that refused to pay, and he responded by countersuing with a clearly frivolous claim.  Builders West stood its ground and won the lawsuit via unanimous decision by a jury.

Have you ever NOT completed in a project?

Only once for the project referenced above.  In over 39 years and 400+ new homes and renovations, every other project has been completed successfully.  

Have you completed any other projects in my neighborhood?  Can I visit a jobsite?

We would be happy to direct you to other Builders West projects in your neighborhood, or you can check out the "Where We Build" link above.  If you would like to see a completed project or a job in progress, we will gladly arrange a visit.  Our clients are our best salesmen.

Do you have full time, permanent office personnel?  Is your phone answered by a live person 24/7?  Can I contact my project manager after hours?  Is the owner involved in and present for daily operations?  Do you use legal, in-house employees on all your jobs?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And, of course, yes.

Do you accept kickbacks from vendors or suppliers? 

Builders West does not condone or participate in this under the table practice.  We have heard stories of inflated invoices or specified high dollar finishes or fittings in exchange for kickbacks.  We only use materials and products specified by your designers or that are the standard for the construction of a world class custom home.  All costs are 100% transparent and open book.  Any bulk discounts on materials, appliances etc. are passed on to the client.  

Anything you would like to say to your potential clients?

Your home is one of your most valuable investments and the sanctuary where you and your family live your life.  A poorly built or remodeled house can actually decrease its value, lead to costly repairs, or, in the worst case, contribute to occupant health and comfort problems.  You don't buy the cheapest automobile at the dealer or wear cheap clothes.  Similarly, selecting the low bidder to build your home won't result in the greatest value or the end result that you envision and desire.  It will likely result in disappointment.  We are passionate about crafting the finest homes in Houston.  Our list of clients and reputation speak for themselves.  Thank you for entrusting us with something as intimate as your personal home.  We won't let you down.