Kuhlman I

Carefully built on a phenomenal lot at the end of a quiet, wooded cul-de-sac, Kuhlman I is as energy efficient as it is magnificent.  

The client heavily prioritized energy efficiency and Builders West researched and employed the latest in sealed envelope, high R-value construction, energy efficient windows & doors, high efficiency HVAC systems, and spray-foam insulation.  In addition to a conditioned attic space that houses all HVAC equipment and ductwork, the home incorporates a below-floor creeper space that provides additional insulation from the earth and easy access to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical networks.  

This home boasts an average utility usage less than many homes a quarter of its size.  The 8,000+ square foot house has high ceilings throughout the floorplan, including 22' ceilings in the entry and main living area, yet averages combined electrical & gas bills of less than $500 per month.

Project Manager

Kurt Lobpries

Architectural Design

Owner and Kurt Lobpries

Interior Design

Owner and Julie Dotson Webster / Dotson Interiors


Steve Chenn

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